My flowers are dying, what i should do !

Many plants and flowers lovers are afraid of owning them, and this is often due to their bad experiences with purchased plants, which die after one to two weeks.

That is why we are here today, to give the most important reasons for the flower’s death, and to talk about solutions that can save the plant or the flower.

First, climatic variations can be fatal for many plants, roses or flowers whether in the vase (pot) or in garden, indoor or outdoor plant.

We have as well drought and excess water are responsible for the death of indoor plants.

But appearances are sometimes deceiving, and even if a plant seems dead to you, perhaps it is still possible to save it… A serious diagnosis is essential.

Scratch lightly the bark of a shrub that seems dead to you in order to discover a possible zone of green wood. If so, you can still save it.

Cut off all the damaged parts of the plant with pruning shears, starting at the end of the stems and then moving closer to the main stem. Stop cutting as soon as the inside of the stem is still green.

Check the condition of the roots, especially potted plants. You can make a cut of the roots in poor condition in order to keep only the most vigorous. Take the opportunity to repot them if necessary!

Regarding watering your climbing plants such as clematis and remove the dry parts.

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